Eastern Mediterranean

In Israel and Cyprus, we are working with the host country governments to lead development of a new energy industry and supporting development of the skilled workforce that will enable these countries to take advantage of this economic opportunity.

Energy Industry Development in Israel

Noble Energy’s commitment to Israel began in 1998, when we made a strategic decision to explore for oil and natural gas off the coast. Together with our partners, we have invested more than $6 billion in exploration and development of Israel’s natural gas resources, including discovery of two of the world’s largest offshore natural gas fields: Tamar in 2009 and Leviathan in 2010. With the development of readily available natural gas supplies, which Israel is now using to generate more than half of its electricity needs, the State of Israel has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 30 million tons, so far. As Israel continues to use natural gas from the Tamar and Leviathan fields, it is projected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350 million tons.

Research indicateS 69 percent of Israel’s residents favor development of natural gas resources, but few understand the industry. We have undertaken a public awareness campaign that provides answers to questions most frequently asked by residents. The goals are to introduce Noble Energy and the oil and gas industry to a broader group of Israel’s citizens and provide a forum for discussion of the economic, geopolitical and environmental benefits to the country from potential use of natural gas produced by Noble Energy.

Leading the Way in Cyprus

Noble Energy was the first operator to discover natural gas resources offshore the Republic of Cyprus. Natural gas from our Aphrodite discovery is positioned to play an important role in meeting the growing demand of the substantially undersupplied regional market.

Reflecting our commitment to the republic’s economic future, Noble Energy participates on the International Presidential Business Advisory Council, which focuses on improving the country’s capacity to innovate and compete on a global scale.

Noble Energy received a 2015 Cyprus International Promotion Agency International Investment Award in recognition of our leading role in development of natural gas resources in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean Region. The award was presented by the Minister of Energy, Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, and the CEO of PwC Cyprus. Noble Energy is the only energy company operating in Cyprus that has been honored with the award on two separate occasions; the first time was in 2012.

Community Health

Our community health efforts in the Eastern Mediterranean focus on employee involvement in local health causes.

  • Twenty Cyprus employees participated in a “Run in Color” event in October, part of an international series created to motivate participants to boost their wellness and health. The run benefitted the Children’s Cancer Center unit of Makarios Hospital, a public hospital in Cyprus that specializes in children’s healthcare.
Cyprus Run in Color Event
Cyprus Run in Color Event

Education / Workforce Development

Education and workforce development have been primary areas of community investment for Noble Energy in Israel, where people with specialized skills will be needed to operate the emerging energy industry. Key programs supported during 2015 included:

  • Support for the Shiur Archer (“A Different Lesson”) program has been a multi-year commitment by Noble Energy. This program encourages volunteers to use their own fields of expertise to teach lessons to students from disadvantaged homes. Noble Energy employees taught school children in the Rigler School in Netanya.  In 2015, we completed our three-year involvement by hosting a gathering at our office for students who benefitted from this program. For the event, our volunteers created several stations where students could learn about Noble Energy’s operations in Israel, including a virtual tour of the Tamar platform. At the end of the gathering, the students thanked the volunteers with a touching greeting and gave them a present they prepared themselves.
  • Another continued commitment is to the Jewish Agency’s Youth Futures program, which provides community-based mentoring for at-risk pre-teens and adolescents to develop their academic and social skills. In July, Israel employees celebrated Good Deeds Day (an annual celebration in Israel and many other parts of the world) by renovating a Youth Futures center that serves local at-risk youth in the city of Yokneam. In August,  employees and their families renovated a Youth Futures community center in Migdal Haemek. Volunteers decorated rooms and hallways, painted murals and more (including installing an air conditioner donated by Noble Energy).

Israel Good Deeds Day

Youth Futures Renovation

During 2015 Noble Energy continued its ongoing support for:

  • The Noble-Ruppin Center for Energy Professions, a post-high-school program to educate and train the next generation of Israeli professional employees in the energy industry.
  • Heznek Lataasiya, a unique program that provides professional training in the energy and natural gas fields for at-risk high school students across Israel.
  • Taasiyeda, an enrichment program that provides 7th-8th grade youth with hands-on knowledge related to natural gas and its applications. The project takes place all across Israel.
  • The Noble Energy Science Park at MadaTech, the Israeli National Science, Technology and Space Museum. Noble Energy established this science park in 2011 and has supported its ongoing science-related activities for the benefit of youth and children across Israel.