Our Commitment: Reducing our impact on the environment by developing and applying best-practice technologies, such as:

  • Responsible management of water supply and quality including sourcing, well integrity, transport, use, treatment, recycling, reuse and disposal
  • Management of air emissions, including greenhouse gas emissions and ozone precursors (volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides)

We work continuously to improve our environmental practices. In 2015, we made significant headway in reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, expanded our habitat restoration activities, and improved our management of impacts on water resources.

We also continued working to reduce the overall land footprint of our operations. Extending the length of lateral wells in the Marcellus Shale, for example, means fewer well pads and less visual disturbance of the landscape.

We made significant investments in environmental projects. While we do not isolate and identify all these costs, examples include $50,000 for bat protection on three wells in the Marcellus, $100,000 for strategic environmental planning on federal lands in Colorado, and $3 million for two environmental baseline studies in Israel.

We also improved our data collection and disclosure in several key areas, including wildlife tracking, water consumption and waste management.