Supporting Occupational Health and Preventing Infectious Disease

Noble Energy has recently increased its expertise and focus on broader issues of public and occupational health.

In 2015, we developed a Tier 2 prevention, preparedness and control of workplace public health plan. The plan is intended to provide management and operations personnel with pertinent information, guidance and response procedures for managing communicable disease outbreaks, and controlling further elevation of disease incidents within the workforce population of our global operations. The best practices identified in the plan use concepts from the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the American Public Health Association.

The plan provides basic guidance on controls needed to prevent disease outbreaks, recommends surveillance practices to quickly identify potential outbreaks, and recommends steps to take to limit or interrupt infectious disease transmission among the workforce when an outbreak is suspect or an outbreak occurs.

Reducing Malaria Risk for West Africa Personnel

In 2015 we took steps to minimize the risks of malaria infection in our non-immune and semi-immune personnel living in or visiting malaria endemic regions in which we operate. We updated our comprehensive malaria control program based on the A-B-C-D principles of malaria prevention (Awareness, Bite prevention, Chemoprophylaxis, and early Diagnosis). The program is designed to ensure a consistent approach to malaria prevention across all sites located in malaria endemic areas.