Human Rights

Commitment: Respecting human rights and the cultures of communities where we operate.

At Noble Energy, we strive to be a positive force in the local communities where we operate. This includes a commitment to respecting human rights. We promote respect for the rights set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles articulated in the International Labour Organization’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Before entering a new area, we conduct an assessment that includes human rights. Wherever we operate, we respect cultural values and traditions and actively engage with community members to understand the environmental and human rights impacts of our operations. Master contracts with our suppliers require them to comply with the human rights provisions and other elements of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy and our Code of Conduct. Our template contract agreements were reviewed and updated during 2015 to address potential human rights risks in the supply chain.

Highlights in 2015:

  • We began collecting information about our vendors’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, specifically with regards to human rights, child labor, forced labor, and grievance mechanisms. We hope this insight will help us to better understand our vendors’ practices. Of our top 10 vendors in 2015, representing 31.4 percent of our spend, seven vendors had a CSR or Human Rights policy, of which six had elements related to child labor or forced labor, and eight vendors provided a grievance mechanism for employees and contractors.
  • Within Noble Energy, an externally managed ethics hotline, Noble TalkSM provides a mechanism for anyone to report concerns. In 2015, none of the reports received related to human rights violations or concerns. We had no suspected or reported incidents of child labor and no significant disputes with indigenous peoples. We have not conducted any operations that led to involuntary resettlement.
  • Noble recognizes that formal Community Feedback Mechanisms (CFM) can enhance relationships with communities and help identify and mitigate risks. Our CFMs provide an avenue for communities impacted by our operations to provide feedback or lodge concerns or complaints and receive timely, respectful and consistent responses. CFMs have been developed for Cameroon, Falklands, Cyprus and Israel.
  • We are committed to providing local site security in a manner that is consistent with international human rights expectations. To support this commitment, we provide training on security and human rights, as well as Noble Energy’s values, for our employees and security contractors. In 2014, we expanded training to Israel, completing training for 100 percent of Noble Energy’s onshore private security contractors in Israel by January 2015.