Safety Outreach

An important element of Noble Energy’s safety commitment is outreach to educate the communities where we operate about oil and natural gas safety principles and other safety concerns. We also look for other ways to enhance community safety.

Promoting Safe Driving

The Noble Energy Equatorial Guinea office hosted a safe driving course for all Noble Energy commercial drivers. The course, conducted by an outside training group, included both classroom and behind-the-wheel training to increase technical skills and improve decision-making while driving. Training will expand in 2016 beyond commercial drivers to include all Equatorial Guinea employees required to operate Noble Energy vehicles at any time.

Collaborating with Colorado First Responders

As part of our membership in the Front Range Emergency Resources Cooperative (FRERC), Noble Energy teamed up with local fire and police departments, transportation companies and other oil and gas companies to host the first-annual First Responder Haz-Mat Fair at the Fort Lupton Fire Training Center. The FRERC is a non-profit organization created to bring together businesses and first responder agencies to share knowledge, resources, equipment and training opportunities.

Over the two-day event, participants from 21 fire departments, government agencies, response contractors, railroad companies and oil and gas operators learned about the equipment and resources available to protect Colorado communities in the event of an oil and gas-related emergency. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Region VIII Rapid Response Team provided an overview of petroleum spill scenarios and response tactics. A final field session included a spill scenario where participants applied what they had learned to execute a containment boom deployment on fast water from the shoreline.

Conducting Foam Fire Safety Training in the Marcellus

After donating foam trailers to three area volunteer fire departments in the Marcellus area, Noble Energy joined local fire departments in hosting a training on how to use the new equipment, which helps with fire suppression in the event of an incident on a well site. More than 50 firefighters representing five agencies participated in the training.

MBU Foam Trailer Training
MBU Foam Trailer Training

MBU Foam Trailer Training

Training Future Petroleum Engineers on Process Safety

Noble Energy conducted an eight-hour process safety workshop at Marietta College’s petroleum engineering program. Twenty-two students participated in the course, which was facilitated by three Noble Energy employees. Topics covered included the engineer’s role in risk management, the role of work culture in managing process safety risks, recognizing hazards and identifying barriers that can prevent a process safety event.

Providing Incident Command Training in Houston

In Houston, Noble Energy provided Incident Command System training for personnel from the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, Harris County Public Health Department, and law enforcement leadership of the Lone Star College System. The training included advanced management concepts for operating in a multi-hazard environment and methods for coordinating among response partners during incidents and large scale disasters. This training saved these local agencies approximately $20,000.

Educating Community on Fishing Safety Near Alen Platform

In Equatorial Guinea, we engaged with the local fishing community to conduct safety discussions about fishing near the Alen Platform. Local fisherman periodically fish within the prohibited zone around the installation. We provided a public forum to discuss the dangers of fishing in the area. Since the initial meeting with the community, the number of incursions around the platform has substantially decreased.