Social Investment

Community Health

Environmental Efforts

Education/Workforce Development

We continue to build our social investments on the strategic pillars of community health, local environmental efforts,* and education/workforce development. We strengthened this strategic focus in 2015, using these three areas as a structured filter in assessing social investment opportunities and responding to funding requests.

While hiring needs across our industry have temporarily declined, we believe in the need for a diverse global workforce adept in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills to support our future requirements and the world’s future energy needs. In 2015 we established a global workforce development steering committee to ensure we adopt best practices in this area, implement them consistently, and achieve measurable results that benefit both our communities and the energy industry.

Global Social Investment Contributions

Global Social Investment Contributions 2015
United States $3,111,228
West Africa1 $7,983,601
Eastern Mediterranean $1,764,335
Other2 $131,332
NobleACTS (global matching gifts) $1,511,792
Total Contributions $14,502,288

1Includes investment in operated and non-operated assets.
2Includes new ventures and discontinued operations.

As we added more structure to our social investment decisions, we also increased our ability to respond to employee-driven community support opportunities. In 2015, we made our global employee matching gifts program, NobleACTS, easier to use by creating an online portal where employees can apply for 2:1 matching gifts for their charitable contributions or $500 grants for their qualifying volunteer hours. Each employee can apply for up to $12,500 in matching funds per calendar year. NobleACTS, introduced in 2014, received 1120 applications from employees in 2015 and distributed $1,511,792 in contributions.

Noble Acts

We also strengthened our employees’ ability to represent Noble Energy in the community. Our ambassador program, launched in the DJ Basin in 2014, expanded to the Marcellus Shale business unit in 2015. Four two-day employee training sessions were held in the DJ Basin and two in the Marcellus Shale. These sessions educate our employees about key industry and local issues and empower them to be knowledgeable ambassadors to their personal networks and communities.

*Look for descriptions of many of our local environmental support activities under Environment.